Tony Duquette (1914 — 1999)

Tony Duquette was an American decorator and stage designer. He was born in 1914 in Los Angeles and graduated from the Chouinard Art Institute. He created set designs for both Hollywood films and Broadway shows and decorated celebrities’ houses (his wedding took place at Pickfair, a home of Mary Pickford, who also served as a Matron of Honor). His interiors are known for their baroque excess, high ceilings, technicolor colors, abundance of mirrors and reflecting surfaces, and the usage of uncommon materials: Duquette created summer houses out of deer horns and window frames out of corals. He also sculpted and created designs for both furniture and jewellery. In 1951 his solo exhibition was held at the Louvre. In 1961 his was a recipient of the Tony Award for Best Costume Design. He died in 1999. 

Works by Tony Duquette :

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