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Mixed media

153 x 103

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Yuri Kuper

Yuri Kuper (b. 1940)

Yuri Kuper is a Soviet-Russian painter who had held British citizenship. He was born in 1940 in Moscow. In 1963 he graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University with a degree in graphic design and worked as a book illustrator afterwards. He emigrated in 1972 and lived in Israel, UK, France and New York. The central leitmotif of his paintings is the everyday life of a communal apartment. He had also worked in sculpture and theatre design, creating sets for Alexander Sokurov’s production of Boris Godunov (2008 Golden Mask nomination). In 2015 he published a novel Sfumato that combines documentary and fiction elements. He currently lives in Russia and spends most of his time working on architectural projects. 

Yuri Kuper’s works are in numerous private and public collections including the Metropolitan Museum, New York; the State Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow; the Ministry of France; and the Library of Congress, USA.

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