Serapinas Augustas


Contemporary Lithuanian artist. Born 1990, Vilnius, Lithuania, he studied sculpture at the Vilnius Academy of Art (2009–2013), and later graduated from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (2012–2013). Augustas Serapinas’ artistic practice can be described as relational aesthetics, he works in the media of installation (often total and site-specific) and performance. The main focus of his criticism is art institutions, not only their administrative infrastructure and functions, but also the architecture details. The artist explores hidden, unconventional spaces, both inside and outside large public buildings. He currently lives in Vilnius, works in Vilnius and other cities.

Serapinas had solo shows all over the world, including Bremen, Warsaw, London, Glasgow, Basel and Riga. In 2015 his work was part of the Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art main exhibition. In 2018 he took part in the 1st Riga Biennial (RIBOCA1) and Baltic Triennial 13.

Author's Works

Cold evening in Matukai
Serapinas Augustas, 2018